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Home Jersey (Auth)

Known as My Skin, this jersey design retains the red color for the most part and the matching white color on the sleeves. Symbolically, this combination of colors symbolizes courage and confidence. Adding to its uniqueness, My Skin comes with a display of traditional Linangkit embroidery patterns. Linangkit is a nickname for geometric motifs that have been produced based on the traditional embroidery techniques of the Dusun Lotud community. To add more uniqueness, the Sabah FC logo is placed in the middle, a design inspired by Tony Stark - "The Iron Man".


Away Jersey (Auth)

In football, the number 12 is very important. They are the ones who ignite the stadium and inspire the 11 on the field. 12th player. Although it is not the main favorite number of the players, but the number 12 is very significant! For Sabahans, 12 is very synonymous. After the first 6 numbers, definitely 12 in the middle. For the first time, Sabah will wear a reflective 3D silicone logo design. This Away 12 jersey is equipped with the best Deep Dry technology with a very high dry capacity


3rd Jersey (Auth)

Although the habitat of this animal was confirmed as extinct in 2019, for some Sabahans, it will continue to be the identity of the state of Sabah. In commemoration of the Rhinoceros species, Sabah FC came up with a third jersey called Crash. Ironically, Crash is a collective noun that describes a group of Rhinoceros! Compared to the MySkin and 2belas Jerseys, Crash will feature a special 3D "Rhinos" logo. Sabah FC will definitely look different since for the first time this squad will wear a black/grey design. Sabah Maju Jaya's reflective writing on the surface of the jersey also shows Lotto's dynamism in their designs.